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August 18, 2012
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"Well, it kinda is a long story." Shiny stated and let out a giant sigh, only to see a more curious Luna standing in front of her. Why? WHY?! Her thought screamed in her head.  "I was just a normal animal bleez, but then i was tested on in a labratory. After some time Sunfury saw me, and asked me if i wanted a life mark. I replied I'd rather die, than sin against the laws of the gods. And he just.........." Shiny suddenly began gasping, and coughing, like something was stuck in her troat. "He what? Is something inside your throat?" Luna asked softly, to not cause any damage. Shiny looked at her, and Luna understood what was in there. Pain.

Enter your personal hell.
"He just stood and smiled at me, and i fell unconsious. When i woke up, it was sunny. Rainbows from after the rain had just appeared. I looked for a puddle, cause something hurted in my head. When i found one, i screamed. The bloody paw mark was there." Shiny took a deep breath, and looked at Luna. The expression was worried, but curious. Shiny felt that if she continued, a knife would penetrate her heart. "He offered me to work for him, and he would learn me about the curse. I clawed him, and cursed at him extremely. I scarred his life mark, and some of the energy exploded out. The information about the curse was given to me. I found out why he wanted it. He wanted to use it so he could track his enemies down. Now i use it to help my friends." Shiny ended. Luna was shocked. "I have been trough much, but i couldn't back away. I had to be trown away, before i realised my mistakes. You just...... Said no to it." Luna smiled gently to Shiny, and patted her back. Shiny smiled with glee, and went back to Adam to tell instructions. Luna turned to see Glaciee with a furious look in her face. Luna went caustiosly over to her, and took a deep breath. Whatever is bothering her, it sure dosn't seem to be happy town in her mind Luna thought with worry. She never liked to see her friends so upset or angry as she looked. "Why hello Luna.." Glaciee shouted across the hallway. "AUSGHG! What the frick?" Luna broke down in shock, and shaked extremely all across her body. Glaciee snickered and turned her head to Luna. She shaked her head, and to her dismay also a upset Glaciee, and this just confused her. "So you're sad, but you have the energy to also make jokes, huh?" She tried sounding happy and cheerfull, but not even a smile came across Glaciee's face.
I can't seem to find out what to write without laughing my ass off it, or saying its too cliche and stupid
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